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Hello there ! If you are looking to buy the best oolong tea you came to the right place. Our online store is entirely dedicated to the sales of this delicious tea.

Here we offer various type of Oolong teas with different flavor : Green tea, black tea, milk tea, Alishan tea, high mountain tea.

Natural, 100% organic and hand picked, enjoy an unique relaxing experience for your morning or afternoon tea time.

Oolong tea is not famous by accident, the taste is delicious, but it is also good for health, and when we say good, we mean very good. Weight loss, preventing heart disease and cancer, combating aging skin, reduce high blood pressure, etc … All these benefits make this tea one of best drink for your health. Live longer, live stronger.

We are based in Taiwan so when you buy your tea from us, you buy it directly from the source, but be reassure, as we have different shipping location in the USA and in Europe, the fact that we are based close to producers do not impact our prices.

All our products are directly exported from Taiwan to the world thanks to our partner Taiwan Trading.

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We only source tea plantations that use strict organic farming practices. No addititives, no pesticides, hand picked by local peoples.

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We believe in fair trade. We pay the fair price and proudly stand with our planter.

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All tea leaves are hand picked by local peoples.

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