About Taiwanese Tea

Dear tea lovers,

Welcome to our online store entirely dedicated to our favourite tea, the Oolong Tea.

If you found the way to get there, that means we share the same passion for chill, relaxed, and sharing sympathy moments.

And it is even better when you know all the benefits of the Oolong tea can have on your health.

We are located in Taiwan. Taiwan, previousy known as Formosa one of the best place in the word for tea.

According to Wikipedia, Oolongs grown in Taiwan account for about 20% of world production.

Taiwanese people, thanks to their Chinese legacy and the unique climate of the island, have developed a strong tea culture and have planted a lot of variety of tea, and some of theme became some of the best teas in the world.

Because we are there, when you buy your tea from us, you buy it directly from the source, but be reassure, as we have diferent shipping location in the USA and in Europe, the fact that we are based close to producers do not impact our prices.

Our goal is to gather the best of Oolong tea you could find in Asia and sell it all over the world.

We just now have to wish you a good morning (or afternoon) tea 🙂

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    Discover the benefits of the most famous teas from Taiwan. You can buy here organic tea including Oolong tea, Alisan tea, green tea and black tea. Leaves are hand picked and we don't use any kind of pesticides. 100% natural for an healthier life. Worldwide delivery.

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